Learn how to cook traditional Naxi Cuisine

Yunnan province is home to China’s largest number of ethnic minority groups, and its widest range of plant life. Try the deliciously varied cuisine of Yunnan and you’ll taste the culinary traditions of a diverse, multicultural population, where a variety of cooking styles combine to create dishes of extraordinary flavour – each one celebrating the unique taste and quality of locally sourced ingredients. 
In Lijiang we treasure the expertise and flair of our chefs, because they know how to balance the sour, spicy and sweet ingredients that make the local cuisine so tasty. We’re inviting you to experience a traditional Naxi cooking class in the heart of Lijiang. You’ll begin with a trip to the local market, handpicking the freshest ingredients. Having learned about the intricate techniques required to prepare and cook Naxi cuisine, you can savour your creations and swap stories at our communal dining table.